About me

I am known as the portrait photographer, teacher and an adventurer. My grandfather was a photographer in Allahbad and my father setup the studio in Lahore which I now own and is possibly the oldest photographic studio, in the entire sub-continent of India and Pakistan. I have worked for more than sixty years as a professional photographer. Born and brought up in Lahore, I have travelled and worked as a photographer in the UK and USA for several years. I now live and work in Lahore where my studio is
Shahid Zaidi


As a growing teenager I enjoyed taking photographs of my school mates. I would spend my after school time at my father’s studio learning to develop my film and making prints which I would bring to school for my classmates. I loved being outside and I loved the never ending challenge of photographing in natural light. This is how I learnt my photographic skills. The spirit of adventure was very strong in me and in summers I would trek in the mountains. I enjoyed being in the mountains away from the city. At first I did not go out to photograph the mountains but later I would plan and make quick trips to photograph the wilderness. My images are about the outdoors, at times showing the beauty of scene or the beauty of light or narrating a story in the photograph. The wilderness is constantly changing and my photographs preserve their unchanged beauty. Many of my photographs are of places that have either disappeared or have changed drastically.